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This Star

Silver glitter and cardboard
tacked to the window frame
suspended from a pale green ribbon
this one star is for the two of you.
For you, I place it forever
in the window, a light
so small you can ignore it
for a long time
but always shining, always,
so you can find it in the dark
and see the path home.

Evening Meadow

Small towns are held together
by petty strings webbed across
tree-lined streets. The luckiest,
like me, live at the edge of town
and can walk away.
Tonight, past yards, fields,
the farmhouse shrine to Mary,
barns, horses, then the meadow
where one white hawk glides.
Beyond him, one white plane
glints in late sun, with his thin
white contrail following like shadow.
Beyond them, half moon against
The dinner time blue sky.
White statue,
White hawk,
White plane,
White moon, keeping company
with the meadow and me, while I walk
till my feet and my eyes
remind me how to breathe
so I can turn toward town
ready to love it again.

Broken Home

For the month of April, to mark International Poetry Month, I’m trying to write a daily poem in response to someone else’ s prompt instead of  writing about whatever wanders into my head that day.  It’s hard, weird, and interesting, all at once.  The prompts I’m using are posted by Robert Brewer on his inspiring blog, Poetic Asides.  Today’s prompt: write a broke poem.

I let everything in our house
Stay broken for you.

I left everything
In our house
For you

Now that you’re gone,
Like springtime arrives this year,
Broken latches,
Broken railings,
Broken chairs,
Are cured.
I fix them
Make dinner
Make a poem
Make a home.

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