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From Chimneys

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What is it that pours from our chimneys?
briefly visible
a reminder
during our return to winter
the breath of our alive houses

Unexpected Gift from Winter

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Spring snow
one miniature maple leaf
frozen to my windshield
Where did you sleep all winter?

No Timetable

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Do not ask if this is a one-day special
a discontinued item, or a scratch and dent sale.
Time is offered to you, held out on the universe’s open palm
accompanied by an encouraging smile.
Smile back.
Do not be greedy. Do not compose a list of demands.
This is not a train station.
You will not be given a timetable.
It is time to stop looking for the agenda wristwatch calendar.
An hour, a minute, a day— those measured containers
mean different things to you if you are a human
or an oak tree
or a Luna moth.
This is the given time. Your job?
Take it. Spend it
how is up to you.

No Red Required

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not all art requires
This morning, for example
gray hills white fields
flecked darker gray brown
gravestones, cornstalks
From the west, blackbirds
Come settle over the field
Color enough

Then the road,
always heading towards More
adds a shock of fluorescent yellow
Wordless, the mysterious black arrow
points at the artful way birds descend
or it points to all the curves ahead

Time and Space Whirl

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Inspired by a word list at The Sunday Whirl

She wired the stars in the silence of deep space, she who was named The One In Charge Of Storms. The air was fried with static, her hair wild and electric, marring the view of the Milky Way. There were complaints from others.

Oh, this was only my first draft, she said. I thought they’d like to look up at night and see lights, to show them when a storm was passing.

With a shrug, she let the stars fall everywhere and dreamed up a new idea about space, or maybe it was about time.

Instead of sand, let’s fill every hourglass with stars, she said. It will be so beautiful, they won’t even cry that it’s passing. After all, minding manners, taking turns, they can flip the hourglass over again and again.

Mood and Mindfulness

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today, I am in a Mood
floating in a tiny boat
christened Irritation
tossing crumpled up dreams
in my wake. From shore,
life watches for me, life
dressed in red draped in flowers
Mindfulness taught me this—
Stop paddling so hard. Boat and shore
are in the same ocean. Breathe.
The view changes one moment
and again the next as
clouds drift
across an enormous sky.
Who would try to capture them?

snow and flowers

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Luxury: $2.99 at the grocery store and you carry home a pot of budding tulips through the blizzard.

pink tulips blue bowl
petals open soft snow falls
on the outside world

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