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The Moon’s Report

She writes:
You asked about humans.They are easy to describe, since I see everything in my light—with some small help from the Sun. I’ve watched and I know. I can tell You all about humans. As You hoped, they are very wise.

But, really, how could they not be filled with wisdom? You handed them understanding on a silver moonlit platter. Honestly, not that it’s my place to criticize, but their world is a little too obvious. Look at the hints You gave—on their round home, with their round heads and round babies, they couldn’t possibly miss the point. Then, all those wheels and spirals everywhere—seashells, seasons, nests, rings buried in tree trunks. And besides that, all the going and returning—tides, of course, but flowers, blizzards, leaves…oh, the list goes on and on.

How lovely it is for them, how clear. My advice: It would have been more interesting to give them a challenge, or at least a tiny puzzle. A static world, or one where all movement was linear. It would have given them something to figure out, instead of surrounding them with answers.

Look how they dance, how they gather together for births and weddings and deaths, living their circled lives on their round planet, calm and joyful, with so much evidence to show them the difference between finished and unfinished.


sounds cold, no
humor or passion.
Instead, see
as ballet—perfect timing,
gears in pink tutus.

Casting Spells

In that moment I glanced away, some witch cast a spell on my children. I remember one golden flash of light. I blinked against the dazzle while they grew tall and secretive, lean with a hunger to be Away. Now there are whole days when they are strangers, sweet or surly, prowling this world we shared, looking for a way out.

What else can I do but study every spell I  find? With luck and diligence, and so much time now that I’ve worked myself out of this job, each day is patched together with spells I cast myself. They are listed in the book we all received, along with Dr. Spock in his serious dark cover. The other book at every baby shower is Spells For Moms, with teething, tantrums, and chicken pox full of notes in the margin, recipes adjusted to taste. But now I’ve reached the back of the book, with all its untested spells. One marked Acceptance, another called New Chapters Blossom Like Wild Violets. And the last spell, the one I practice every day, titled Good Fortune For Their Roads.

Weather Report

Don’t escape into dreams
which are cool to the touch
filled as they are with frothy drinks
topped with pink paper umbrellas.
Here, every day is sunny
and you’ve found your sunglasses.

Instead, move forward
into the complex weather of real life.
Storms brewing,
bills to pay, children, cars, cats.
Everything is messy
and has Opinions.
Doldrums and tiny dust devils
and time for a nap and a dance
before the next emergency.
Tornadoes spelling out
This Is Not A Drill
across your sky.

2 Senryu

Some days the world sighs
like a mom sick of questions
I can’t stop asking.


I count calories
to distract myself from counting
dollars or mistakes.


At that age, I wondered about
God’s last name
and why swinging high
made your stomach drop
and why that felt so good.
And about the edge of the universe.
If everything has an edge, I reasoned,
Then out there, beyond the moon,
beyond the galaxies,
there must be plywood joists,
propping up the scenery
at the edge of everything.
Beyond that backdrop,
the scent of fresh-cut wood,
plain floor littered with
sawdust and crumpled gum wrappers
and beyond that—
This was how I learned my mind
could feel like swinging high.


Burn for Now—
All these plans built
With dollars and curtains,
Chicken dinners and sensible cars,
Changing light bulbs, going to a job—

The ghosts hidden in old photo
Albums, jewelry boxes, dishes
In your cupboard,

And that invisible future
Painted on the inside of your forehead—
Burn that, too.

Burn the whole house of yourself.
Stand still in the charred doorway
All that’s left of your proud life.
Rubble of all that didn’t work out.

Leave these smoldering ruins
Step forward.
Feel how light
When there’s nothing left to

I Am

taller than I pictured
and sudden as the spearmint
growing wild at the edge
of this careful garden.
I am strolling up to the door
of my next life,
the third date with myself,
I’ve charmed myself
as best I can,
smiled as I wove my story
kept my baggage
mismatched and colorful.
I’ve tilted my head and studied
my future over candlelit dinners
trying to picture us together
as I describe to myself
the shape of dreams I’ve gathered
herding them back each time they wander
shutting them in the yard till now,
the third date,
the one where I go all the way.

Express Poem

Even in darkness
or hidden by a curve
there are vibrations
before it appears,
barreling towards
me, waiting small
and scared, shivering
in the glare
from the headlights,
wishing for someone
else to save me,
sure I’m not fit for the job.
Here they come–
Headlights of the express
train bearing down on me
where I’ve tied
myself to the tracks.

Impossible Poems

The birds inside the airport
Flying at the windows, trapped,
Starving for sky.

The ruined marriage,
Stained and crumpled, shoved
To the darkness at the back
Of the drawer you won’t open
Because there are all those sharp edges.

The way that every year
It’s the same dreary gray rain
That cracks open the world
Till it blossoms.

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