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Squirrel Speculations

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on this morning’s walk—
two of them, dashing through treetops
Chaser and Chased and
in his small gray mouth
the Chaser carried a stick …
Join me to contemplate,
wonder along

A Wish For Your Wedding Day

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to be happy in the rain

and look,
weather delivered
a deluge
left puddles big enough
for ducks to wade in
and you, laughing in white
with mud
on your
mint green heels,
you two, Paris-bound
storm-drenched and shining
happy in the rain

Evening Light

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She’s walking the skittish dog.
I ask about her husband.

The surgeon says they got it all.
We hope so. He’s tired right now.

We both look down at the sidewalk,
stand quiet for a minute.

But today’s the dog’s birthday, she says.
So I’m taking her out for ice cream.
To celebrate. We’ll bring him some too,
in case he can eat a little.

DIY Today

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sun and morning dew built it—
brief and vast, this field
fallow but filled with diamonds


Ebb to the Flow

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we have been
a chattering of happy squirrels
of dart and gather of
tucking scribbled words into
every pouch and corner storing up
for later
for sometime
words for where we live
numbers to reach us
Today, two cars—
one then another
became Traffic in my head and I knew.
Time. Time’s here.
to breathe quiet air, leave the
doors unlocked, unlatched
but time to sit alone, and crack open
black walnut, acorn, stone and notebook
Full of words I was sure we needed

Our Feat

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i write early while robins browse the yard
all of us low to the ground
to vibrations
beneath our feet

Road Signs

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Stuck behind a rattly old tractor
and too polite
I honk it
in my head
and hold on
The tractor
turns in
at the cemetery
to mow between the rows of gravestones.
Oh, I breathe—I see it now
What I was following wasn’t a tractor,
or it wasn’t only a tractor, it was a tractor gently
steadily hauling its other self which turned out to be a poem

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