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The Green Daisies Instructions

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busy times
Short Poems.

One sweet scenic path forward, towards
unclenching these mounting days of strained and bundled words
easing the burden of drum-skin tight breath is, slowly, lengthen the line—
see how the air softens against the ear once you begin to try, to experiment
to decide for a breath or a year to let the green daisies run wild in your meadow


At The Buddha Factory

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the thousand gray statues
when workers leave for the night, shift done
the last task is to
turn off the fluorescent factory lights
Row upon row of Buddhas
sit all night in
soft dark silence
gray stone eyes closed
all this is happening in a time zone
on another continent far from here
Picture their stillness,
All those Buddhas
even now as I write
even now as you read
the thousand gray statues


Poetry Calls Collect

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Poetry calls
breathes on the crackly line
through the heavy black hand piece
of this old rotary telephone

As ever, heedless of logistics, timing, money
poetry has no change and
is calling collect, reversing the charges

The charge, always the same, is to
to notice and not know why.
Why this particular tangle
of blue thread, memory, and world?

The Ordinary Cure

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This ordinary therapy.
The Word Cure prescribes
writing all worries onto paper
long strings of linked letters
loosen the grip of some thing
releases me from the clasp
of cold mechanical dread
that dread, wild and robot-shaped
like a thoughtless metal bear —
bigger, though.
Released, I breathe
Breathe again
Begin again and now and then
even admire
what my hands and words and worries made
of all that pent up brass and fur and fear


String Of Coral-Colored Lights

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before dawn
a string of coral-colored lights
laced high across the neighbor’s yard
turns itself
into sunrise through the trees

In Consideration Of The Other Shoe

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when the other shoe drops
the universe continues
light in the darkest

when the other shoe drops
take the next trembling breath in
and brew revival

when the other shoe drops
we are presented with options:
choose to continue
looking up for the next shoe
and the shoe after that
syllables and shoes.
Consider instead
the possibility
that whoever dropped all that footwear
is barefoot now, too.
Done with shoes,
let us wriggle our many eager toes
in delicious anticipation
of walking together
through soft grass
and warm sand
towards the infinite ocean


Pace Yourself

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this pace I live at
is not a comfortable gait
I desire a slower stroll
a more ample ambling
amid and among
these wild outcroppings
of stony events and wanderers encountered
on the green verge and snowy sections
muddy stone strewn places where the path
proceeds through No Tree Land before
the next curve back into beckoning forest
and oh, then how I want
how I want to slow
and linger long on the delicious
portions of path, in forest or by the sea
or near a good cafe instead of this
this rushing forward
to the next
rocky bit

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