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Use Your Words

“In the course of acquiring all this so-called knowledge, I’ve lost something. I’ve lost contact with something that I had. I wonder about myself now. I haven’t shouted ‘Hallelujah!’ for a long time, you know? Can I do it once more? I would like to believe that.”                      ~Athol Fugard, South African playwright on NPR’s Morning Edition

Every day, I hear something fading in and out
I must remember.
Today, it’s NPR on my way to work.
Static and the road don’t matter.
I copy this down—
a South African playwright
in the business of words since before apartheid
Says, “I haven’t shouted Hallelujah for a long time
Can I do it once more?”
The question always before us.
Of course, he can. He does.

Today will swallow me whole,
nagging details, brilliant smiles, meetings,
nothing on the order of saving
a country’s soul with my words.
So I write his down with frozen fingers
Eyes on the long straightaway
One shining sentence to stand for this man
who I won’t lose now,
even in the deluge of the day.

What Life IS Like For Some Of Them

Stay tuned for more on that story,
says the radio newscaster.
Sip your cappuccino,
examine How They Live
from the comfort of your commute.
Congratulate yourself
for being so sensitive
for noting their Existence
on this spinning planet.

Grace For The Commute

I listen to the NPR series
about commuting
on my morning commute
to savor the symmetry.
Today a mother spoke about
her three-hour commute
on a subway, with a toddler,
and the word she used
to describe this time was grateful.

I listened,
as I drove and the sun rose
over the hills and little lakes
of my morning commute,
red sky reflecting me,
ashamed of the petty griping
in my head, of my need to
be prodded, like a toddler,
reminded to say thank you,
to be grateful for this
overflowing world of wonder.

Rose Of The Prairie

Another story from NPR and Garrison Keillor that I can’t get out of my head.

The life you were born to
was a box you ran from
as fast and far as you could
and I hope you would laugh
at how this all turned out—-
that we love and romanticize
a gone world,
a world we hold dear,
Little houses on the prairie,
and in the big woods,
Ma and Pa,Laura, Mary, baby Carrie
a world we only know
because of you
who helped her
tell us all about it.

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