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A Blessing Poem

Years ago, I bought or was given a lovely book titled The Daily Poet: Day-by-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano. Somehow it got shelved and forgotten, till recently when I found it and this prompt, “write a poem in the form of a blessing.” Here goes…


May you have the energy and hours for your long list of tasks
May you have paper and language for list-making
And a pen to check off each task as it’s done
May you finish the list so you can feel that small good feeling
Of accomplishing and checking off everything you wrote
Such a tiny, particular pleasure that you wouldn’t suggest
Anyone upend their life to experience it, wouldn’t suggest they
Buy a house, preferably an old and slightly unkempt house
To feel the thrill of checking off tile grouted, fieldstone wall repointed
Rooms plastered, windows replaced,
porch painted with one more coat before winter
Before, all before being closed snugly for the
Amazing cold of another winter.
So whether you own a house or not, let’s just say
May you be warm this winter and grateful
To whoever made such snug quarters possible.
When the first big snow arrives
May you have a mug and homemade Mexican cocoa
With cinnamon and chili spice to fill that mug
And a soft, warm cotton sweater
In a color you find delicious
And may you have a window to watch the storm through
While sipping from your mug in your sweater
And behind you may your favorite music be playing
And may there be waiting the person or animal or art
Or meal or book or craft you most want to be with
While the storm weathers along
And may all of this, all of this built towards and gathered
The sweater, the fieldstone, the painted rooms, the cocoa
All the days that gave you this
lover or child or friend or happy solitude
May all of this you’ve gathered
And called into your life
May it be the life of your dreams
And may you know it
And breathe it in
here and now

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  1. This is lovely. Thank you.

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