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Casting Spells

In that moment I glanced away, some witch cast a spell on my children. I remember one golden flash of light. I blinked against the dazzle while they grew tall and secretive, lean with a hunger to be Away. Now there are whole days when they are strangers, sweet or surly, prowling this world we shared, looking for a way out.

What else can I do but study every spell I  find? With luck and diligence, and so much time now that I’ve worked myself out of this job, each day is patched together with spells I cast myself. They are listed in the book we all received, along with Dr. Spock in his serious dark cover. The other book at every baby shower is Spells For Moms, with teething, tantrums, and chicken pox full of notes in the margin, recipes adjusted to taste. But now I’ve reached the back of the book, with all its untested spells. One marked Acceptance, another called New Chapters Blossom Like Wild Violets. And the last spell, the one I practice every day, titled Good Fortune For Their Roads.

Another Problem With Education

Is that teenagers and teachers
do not care
about the same things.
This week alone,
I’ve heard that Mali
sounds like  an island vacation spot,
somewhere near Tahiti.
And not one of them knows who Nelson Mandela
is, though someone hazarded a guess
that he might be a fashion designer.

However, they were prepared to discuss,
potentially forever, the guy on You Tube
who jumped out of a plane,
rushing through the sky
so fast he broke the sound barrier.
Here, at last, was someone they admired,
or at least a place they could recognize.

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