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Acoustic Summer

Summer has a soundtrack–
Cicadas and the clink of ice cubes in tea,
water making itself heard
against the dock, the shore,
the fountain’s pool.
In the middle distance,
backdrop of this art,
barking dog, laughing child,
whirr of bicycle tires
on hot pavement,
creak of window fans.
Beneath it all,
so constant, so soft,
reminder call of
the mourning dove.

Conjuring Trick

Sudden as thunder,
the mind shifts.
In the midst of perfect August,
instead of summer,
your head fills with February.
February deep with snow and
cozy as a children’s story.
Fire in the hearth, soft quilts,
stew simmering on the stove,
Mozart on the radio.

Tap the window of this scene
and the woman inside
will look up, into the middle distance
as if at nothing at all.
I know what she sees.
In her red sweater
and thick socks, as she stirs
she is picturing August
and both of us smile.


This only in summer—
Time opening its dense flower face,
An old rose or here, a bright pink peony,
All day passing with others of its kind,
Basking in sun, rain, cool nights, the
Particular quiet of mid-afternoon
When even the birds
Whisper in the heat
And the peonies dream their flower dreams
Of stretching themselves
Into blossoms.

Spring Into

We roar into summer
like an ancient pickup truck
hauling that travel-trailer along.
Our plans and packed up hopes
stream behind us. Inside,
the cab is all downdrafts and tinny
music from the old transistor, drifting
out windows that won’t roll up anymore
So the world pours in.

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