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Designated Driver

Steering by headlights,
drive into darkness
into a driving snow.
Deer herd passes by
heads bent over whatever
remains to be foraged
from the stubbled field.
One doe, head up,
watches you, or watches
the road, the snow,
the moving
yellow lines, guardrails.
Houses pass with their lit windows
like headlights in the night sky.

In this driving snow
as deer study the stars
to the planet shift.
The car stands perfectly still
While the world rushes by.
There, proof— reflective signs
warning of leaping deer.

Maybe The Deer

aren’t as innocent as they look.
Maybe they are plotting
long into every night
to destroy all cars.

In this world, thick with deer,
maybe even now they are
hunched together in the woods
spreading topographic maps
with velvet noses or sharp antlers,
holding the corners down
with their hooves
while they assign roads to patrol,
a mission for each.


Before dawn, a crowd filled the yard.
Herds of deer, quiet, feasting on windfalls—-
pears fallen in the side yard and
seven more deer beneath the apple tree
at the edge of the field
half-hidden by the barn.
Slow to startle,
they roused themselves, remembered to run
as sky brightened and doors opened,
lights came on, shovels and motors
began making all those noises.
They ran. Except for one small doe
who lingered, stubborn and in love with
apples in the snow.

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