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One Of Those Really Long Poem Titles, This One Concerning What Only Becomes Visible When You Cannot Start The Gas-Powered Monstrosity And Must Tend The Spring-Shaggy Lawn With The Ancient Wood And Metal Push Mower

through wooden fence slats
sun paints yellow stripes across
the freshly mown grass

Grandmother Haiku

Four hundred years old,
Haiku spread its rules
in the shady spot at
the edge of the meadow
on a faded patchwork quilt
of sonnets and prose.
Here a square of roses,
next to Shakespeare’s dark lady
in gold, stitched to
paragraphs of pattern,
then a square of green.
Haiku stretches its cramped muscles
tied seventeen ways for so many years,
sighs with contentment
and here, amid the crumbs
of the feast
watches its many grandchildren
play in the meadow.

Silence Sequence

Silence: III
What the tiny noise
of a flickering candle

Silence: II
Fragile vase, clear crystal
Any fidgety toddler
could tell you:
It was meant to fall

Silence: I
Cosmos cut to save them
from first frost
lift pink faces
to the ceiling
searching for the rain

Water Colors

Gray silk lake at dusk
To the west, sun tipped water
Tilts the world towards pink.

The Recently Learned Difference Between Haiku and Senryu

Senryu: According to Merriam-Webster, “a 3-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satiric vein.”


Goodbye to brown hills,
trees who scrubbed the spring blue sky
bristled like hedgehogs.



There are things I’ll miss:
Burping contests at dinner
isn’t one of them.

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